Sunday, 26 June 2011

Hari Sukan ( blue house cheer )

                                                                    Get ready , Girls

                                               J ump Jing Wen Jump , Amazing Toe Touch

                                                                Min Yee , Good Job

                                                                Wait the counting.....

                                                           Where u ponting, Min Yee?

                                                        Thats me...Scorpian up the stunt

                                                                      Yes , Sir !

                                                                  so straigh @@

                                                                             3 flyer

                                                                      Nice pose

                                                                        T pose ( Me & Min Yee )

Blue House are ready.
Go! Go Blue house.
Everybody yell, Go blue house!
Yes, we are blue house !
We do the best, cheer for the best.
B.L.U.E go blue house.
B.L.U.E go blue house.
Let's go, let's fight, let's win!
Yes! Blue house can do it!
                                                         I know we great ...wahahaha


                                                                 Yeah ! we get 2nd WOW

                                                           Jun ai 万岁!万岁!万万岁!


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